Troubleshooting the Speed of My Computer

Troubleshooting the Speed of My Computer

Your computer can run slowly for many reasons. You need to troubleshoot some of the common causes.

  • Remove Excess Toolbars. If you’ve installed a lot of toolbars for your browser, these can significantly slow down your connection. Removing these toolbars can help speed up your browser, and can also help protect your private information.
  • Change Browsers. If your old browser is cluttered with hard-to-remove toolbars and everything just seems to be running really slowly, you may want to consider switching to a new browser. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Opera are all considered significantly faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Clean up your hard disk. A poorly-optimized hard disk can drag down your computer’s speed, affecting everything you do, including browsing the web. Keeping your hard drive optimized only takes a few minutes and can significantly improve your browsing experience.
  • Make sure that your disk is regularly defragmented. Most modern versions of Windows automate this for you.
  • Run Disk Cleanup to flush out temporary files which could be slowing down your browser.
  • Try to keep at least 15% of your hard disk free. If your hard drive gets too full, programs will take longer to load and make changes, which can drastically slow down your browser.
  • Check what programs are hogging your bandwidth. Often your connection speed is slow because other programs are using it.

These are great tips that can help you keep your computer running smoothly.

 – Support at Rock Solid Internet

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