Acceptable Use Policy

The rapid evolution of the Internet has necessitated the implementation of an Acceptable Use Policy to ensure the continued reliability of our network. The following policies and practices are used when providing you with direct internet access and other services. We may change or revise them from time to time in order to keep abreast of changing Internet business practices and will notify you if that occurs.

We will continue to review our policies and practices as part of our commitment to continually improve the quality of service we provide. We will send you a written notice either by postal mail or electronic mail and this notice will be considered as delivered when

    1. Deposited in the US Postal Service, or
    2. transmitted through electronic mail delivery service from Rock Solid Internet & Telephone.

With the exception of annual term Contract Accounts, if you find the change(s) unacceptable you have the right to cancel your service. However, if you continue to receive service after the effective date of the change, we will consider this as acceptance of the changes.

Definitions (as used in the policies and practices)

  • “We”, “Company”, “us”, “our” “network” means your local Internet company, Rock Solid Internet & Telephone, its employees, or its authorized agent
  • “You”, or “your” means the customer identified on the customer sign-up form that was completed to activate your internet service
  • “Service” means the Internet connection, e-mail, web page hosting or other service we provide to you


Upon installation of service, Rock Solid Internet & Telephone will bill you on the day the service is activated. We require that you allow us to debit a credit card, bank debit card or your checking account on a monthly basis. Should you not wish to allow us to draft one of these accounts, then we would collect the first month service in advance, and you would be billed on a QUARTERLY basis at the next billing cycle. If you are on a quarterly billing cycle, your bill will be due upon the 1st of the month. All subsequent billings will be generated on the fifteenth of the month and will be due by the first of the next month and will be applied to the successive month’s service. Failure to pay for the service by the due date will result in the discontinuance of the service. We DO NOT have a grace period. Your payment must be received by the date it is due. If you make your own payment, it must be in by the 1st of the month, unless the 1st falls on a holiday or a weekend, in which case it must arrive by the last business day prior to the first of the month. We are not responsible for any payments that arrive late due to slow delivery by the US Postal Service or any other delivery service.

The invoice you receive will show the amount due for a) initial start-up charges including any pro-ration fees, set-up fees, advance payment fees and any software purchase fees, or b) regular billing for the successive months service only. Any delinquent amounts due will be reflected on a Statement of Account only. Your invoice may request that you pay by the Statement, which will be enclosed with your regular invoice, that will reflect a total amount due for all service months.

You agree to pay us by the payment option chosen at the time of service activation, e.g., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, by the due date and any payments due us for administrative fees due to late payments or returned check fees. In the event that you cancel service with us voluntarily, or if you are cancelled by us for any reason including, but not limited to non-payment, violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, or other reasons, you give us permission to enter the premises of your property OUTSIDE your home or office building to remove all equipment owned by our company. In the event that you prevent us from legally removing our property OUTSIDE your home or office building, you agree to pay us an amount equal to the cost of the equipment plus a $99 trip charge, but no less than $400.00

If you signed a Contract Service Agreement at any time and you fail to pay by the due date you are in breach of contract and all remaining months left on the contract will become due and payable immediately. Failure to bring your account current may result in the reporting of your account to a collection agency or credit bureau or both. If we are required to use a collection agency or attorney to recover money that you owe us or to assert any other right which we may have against you, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection or other action. The costs may include, but are not limited to, the costs of a collection agency, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

If your service is disconnected for failure to pay the invoice by the due date, we may require you to pay all past-due charges, a reconnect fee, and a minimum of one month’s advance charges before we reconnect your service.

If there is a billing error you must bring the error to our attention within sixty (60) days of the date of the invoice in question.

Company Changes in Service & Charges

Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our service and equipment, prices and fees at any time. We may also rearrange, delete, or add to our services provided. If the change affects you, we will notify you of the change and its effective date. The notice may be provided in your monthly bill or by direct electronic-mail notification. With the exception of the Contract Account, if you find the change/s unacceptable you have the right to cancel your service. However, if you continue to receive service after the effective date of the change, we will consider this your acceptance of the change.

After a notice to you of a re-tiering of our services or rate increase, you may obtain changes in service tiers at no additional charge for the change. Otherwise, changes by you of the services you receive may result in upgrade, downgrade, or change of services charges. You may obtain information about our current fees and prices for any of our services by calling our offices and speaking with a customer service representative.

Termination of Service / Refund Policy

Termination of Service/ Refund Policy

Thanks for signing up with Rock Solid Internet & Telephone. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

Except for a Contract Service Account, you have the right to cancel your service for any reason at any time, by giving us notice. Notice must be in writing either via web portal at or via postal delivery to 6884 Alamo Downs Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78238.

All accounts will be terminated at the end of the current month’s service. We do not refund monies for partial month’s services.

    1. If you fail to pay your bill when it is due, we have the right to terminate your service.
    2. You may not assign or transfer the service without our written consent.
    3. The individual policies and practices in this document will continue and apply to your rights and those of the Company after the end of your service.
    4. Once the account is terminated it will incur a $99.00 re-connection fee in order to restore services.

If you have any questions on how to return your equipment or feel you deserve a refund… Contact us via or call 1-888-651-6080 for assistance.

Service & Equipment

The Internet continues to offer more and more options to people for things such as voice telephone service and pay per view movie viewing/rentals. Currently Rock Solid Internet & Telephone offers some of these services to its subscribers and we are happy to allow our subscribers to purchase these services from other companies, using our bandwidth to transport these services to you. This has increased our cost to provide Internet services to you. This includes voice telephone service from companies such as Vonage, Skype, and Packet8. This also includes Pay Per View movie downloads such as Movieview, Blockbuster Online, and NetFlix. The Net Neutrality Law requires that we provide unrestricted access to these services at no cost to the company that provides them to you. Because these services increase the demand for bandwidth and infrastructure, we may collect government-authorized compliance fees to recoup some of these added costs.

Rock Solid Internet & Telephone provides Wireless Internet networking solutions for Internet access. Rock Solid Internet & Telephone is not responsible for problems with your individual computer equipment and peripherals, software purchased elsewhere or downloaded from the Internet, and/or any wiring or delivery of service on your side of our equipment. You have five (5) days from the date of service activation to obtain a satisfactory connection. If you are unable to obtain an acceptable connection in this period Rock Solid Internet will refund any charges for service. If you do not notify us within the five (5) day period that you are unable to make a satisfactory connection, for any reason, then the terms of the Contract will be considered as fully binding.

Rock Solid Internet & Telephone will do our best to provide support for any routers that are available for Internet access. There are rare instances where we cannot provide support for a specific router, and if this occurs, we may recommend that you contact the router manufacturer directly.

NOTE: Apple routers and AirPorts may work on our service, but WE DO NOT provide support for them. In our opinion, Apple routers are very difficult to setup and operate. You DO NOT need an Apple router or AirPort to use your Apple computer. ANY router will work with an Apple computer.

Rock Solid Internet & Telephone makes what it believes is its best effort to provide you with high-quality service. We do not give refunds for service outages that occur for less than one week from the time that you notify us of the service issue. In the event of a dispute over the quality of service, we reserve the right to refund you the current month of service and terminate your service in the hopes that you may obtain service to your liking from a different Internet Service Provider.

Acceptable Use

We strongly recommend that you review our Tips For Troubleshooting page to learn more about how our service works.

Your Rock Solid Internet & Telephone Internet Services Account provides you with direct Internet Access which includes, but is not limited to, the World Wide Web, electronic mail services, and News Groups. Your use of these services is subject to the following policy. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of your account in accordance with the Agreement and Disclaimer that you accepted upon account registration and in accordance with the policy herein stated and made available to you.

In general, you may not use your account to:

    • Engage in any activity that interferes with other’s use and enjoyment of the Internet
    • Engage in any activity that violates State or Federal Law
    • Violate the network policies of Rock Solid Internet or any network accessed through your Rock Solid Internet account
    • Engage in Newsgroup “spamming”
    • Engage in mass junk (Spam) e-mailing or mail “bombing”
    • Using e-mail to harass, intimidate, or “stalk” others
    • Engaging in the transmission of pirated software
    • Conducting or participating in illegal gambling
    • Soliciting for illegal pyramid schemes through news groups or mass e-mail

Specifically you may not use your account in the following manner:

    • Share your high-speed Internet connection with anyone outside the building that service is installed which will allow them access to the Rock Solid Internet network without paying us for that service
    • Resell our service
    • Operate a web server, game server, or mail server without our permission
    • Connect to our service without a router or other firewall device between our equipment and your computer(s)

If it is determined that you are using your account in an irresponsible manner or a manner deemed to be harmful to Rock Solid Internet & Telephone network as a whole, then your account may be terminated immediately, without recourse.

Cancellation of your account with the intent to re-activate using new-customer service discounts will result in your name being blacklisted from future service with us.

As a member of our network community we encourage you to use your Internet access responsibly. Should you have any questions regarding this policy feel free to contact us at our office location.

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